Student Life

Student Responsibilities

As a student of Roberts Wesleyan College, you may have multiple opportunities to travel.  When the College is sponsoring a program that requires travel off campus, students should be aware of their own responsibilities.

Students are responsible for their health and safety while participating in college-sponsored study programs and associated travel in domestic and foreign countries.  

  1. Educate yourself about the political, geographic, and health risks of the region where you will be traveling.
  2. You must obtain permission frpm the trip leader before embarking on any independent activity.  The trip leader has the right to decline your request if they feel it is warranted.
  3. Do not travel alone at any time.
  4. Verify with the Chaplain's Office or Global Education Office to ensure proper travel immunizations, receive specific information about local health risks, and recommended precautions.  Students must disclose any health condition which may result in a medical emergency abroad and obtain adequate medicine for the duration of the trip.
  5. Make sure that you have received a copy of the College's insurance card if you are traveling outside the U.S.A.
  6. If not covered by the College's Student Health Plan, verify that your family health insurance plan covers medical expenses in foreign countries.  If it does not, you are required to purchase supplemental health insurance for travel abroad. 
  7. Review and complete all required forms.  If under 18, have a parent or guardian co-sign.
  8. Except for emergencies, students should not drive cars or motorbikes in foreign countries.