Student Life

Faculty Responsibilities

Institutional Liaison

The faculty/staff leader serves as the liaison between the participants and Roberts Wesleyan College.  It is the faculty/staff leader's primary responsibility to submit required documents to RWC's emergency contact person before travel.  In addition, the leader must inform RWC of any emergency situation that may arise during the program, including participant behavior problems.  This includes changes to travel and itinerary plans.  Discretionary judgment is assumed on the part of the faculty/staff leader in these matters.


Academic Counseling

It is the faculty leader's role to provide academic advice to participants, ensuring that the academic experience is appropriate to a college-level study and learning experience.  The faculty leader's assistance to students should be continuous throughout the program.


Personal Assistance

The faculty leader will act as a resource to participants who may need assistance with personal, emotional, financial, and health problems that may arise during the program.  The faculty leader acts as the liaison between participants and the appropriate local agencies which provide assistance in these areas.



The faculty leader is expected to organize (as appropriate) activities that will enhance participants' learning experience.  Excursions, field trips, and cultural events are examples of activities that may be organized.


Budget & Finances

The faculty/staff leader is responsible for the management of the group's funds during the program.  The faculty/staff leader will submit their budget to the Global Education Coordinator or the Chaplain's Office (in the case of a mission trip) prior to departure to review the program budget, including expense allowances, payments abroad, and institutional accounting requirements.  A complete budget report will be required from the faculty/staff leader at the end of the program.


Travel Requests/Reimbursements

The faculty/staff leader will determine the amount of travel advance he or she will need including individual expenses, group costs, emergency funds, etc.  Advance payments (including deposits) are encouraged.  Such payments are designed to minimize the amount of advance needed by the faculty/staff leader.  The Accounting Assistant in the Office of Finance and Accounting will be available to explain receipts and documentation of expenses prior to departure and assist the faculty member in preparing reimbursement forms upon return.   


Liability & Indemnification

Faculty/staff are responsible for taking prudent and reasonable steps to ensure that the trip is structured safely and, during the trip, acting in a reasonable and prudent manner.  The faculty leader and all program assistants approved by RWC are considered the legal representatives of the College.  As such, they are entitled to the same liability protection given to all College representatives except for acts of willful misconduct or bad faith.  

The faculty leader is responsible for ensuring students understand their rights and responsibilities while on the travel portion of the course.  This includes collecting completed waivers and health forms from students, copies of their passports, a list of all student medical issues and prescriptions, and contact information and other necessary information to ensure the health and safety of program participants.


Crisis Management & Emergency Response

It is the responsibility of the faculty leader to be prepared to respond appropriately to any emergency situation that might arise during the program.  The faculty leader's first responsibility will be to attend to the safety of participants and to determine whether there is a threat.  If it is determined that there is potential risk to the participants, the faculty leader will notify RWC as soon as possible, informing the College about any action taken to minimize or eliminate that risk.

It is also the responsibility of the faculty leader to designate an adult participant, or in lieu of a second adult, an upperclassman may be used with student leadership background.