Student Life

Travel - Foreign & Domestic

Roberts Wesleyan College provides insurance coverage for all approved* individuals traveling on trips:

  • Mission trips
  • Study abroad
  • Tours
  • Domestic travel
  • Field trips
  • Group trips

The Risk Management Office should have a list of individuals traveling, dates, itinerary, and emergency contact information a minimum of 10 business days before departing.

If the U.S. State Department warns U.S. citizens against travel to certain countries or areas within a country and the insurance company deems travel potentially unsafe, travel to those areas will not be permitted. Possible approval to travel to these areas must be obtained through the insurance company with written permission.  This approval can take up to four weeks to approve.  Please call the Risk Management Office to verify a country's status and possible permission.  Roberts has final say as to whether travel will be authorized.

Upon arrival at the destination, the itinerary will be reviewed with the students to reinforce information communicated previously.  The faculty/staff member will communicate with the designated trip liaison should the itinerary change as far hotel, flight, or major city changes.  

Contact Office of Risk Management at 594-6222 to obtain emergency contact information and, for international travelers, international insurance cards.

* All non-U.S.A. citizens attending trips must notify the Risk Management Office before making travel plans.