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Reporting of an Emergency or an Incident

To report an emergency or a crime incident please call Campus Security at 585-594-6170 from off-campus or extension 6170 from a campus phone.  We also have 12 blue light emergency phones located throughout the campus that are connected directly to the Security Department (see map under Campus Parking).  Written reports of criminal incidents can be made at the Security Office located in the upper Voller Athletic Center.

Upon receipt of a call, a security officer and/or emergency personnel will be dispatched to your location.  Every effort will be made to accomplish this in a timely manner.  Criminal investigations are handled in conjunction with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department or the Ogden Police Department.  The campus community will be advised, through special bulletins, of situations that pose a threat to the safety and well being of our people.

Did you get hurt or injured?

Campus Security 594-6170

Security Website