Student Life


Visual/audio release form

The visual/audio release form is used to obtain permission for use of pictures or videos taken.  Even if the photos or videos are not used now, they maybe used in the future.

Individuals under the age of 18 must have parental permission.

Visual/Audio Release Form

Health Form

This form should be filled out and turned into the proper personnel before departing on trips that require its completion.

It is strongly suggested that the information be as accurate as possible.  This is for the protection of the College, the trip leader, and most importantly, the student should they be unable to speak for themselves.

Should you wish to choose not to disclose the information, you must  state so on the form.  Roberts Wesleyan College has the right to deny a participant from going on a trip.

Health Form

Limited Power of Attorney

This form should be completed and signed for all trips that occur outside of the United States. It is used in case a student is unable to speak for themselves. The designated trip leader will respond to the best of their ability to assist in getting the proper attention to the student.

Limited Power of Attorney

Waiver for Off Campus Trips

This form is a liability and waiver form and must be signed by all students in order for them to go on trips off campus. It is required that the student read and understand their rights before signing.

If the student has any questions, they may ask their trip leader or contact the Office of Risk Management.