Student Life

Mission Statement: Maximize Knowledge-Minimize Risk

This is the mission of the Risk Management Office for Roberts Wesleyan College.  By maximizing knowledge throughout campus, we can decrease the amount of risk that the College faces.  Everyone "working together" can be the most effective way in reducing risk to the College.  The Risk Management Office is only the guiding source.  Everyone on campus truly makes up the Risk Management Team.


The goal of the Risk Management Office is to assist in maintaining an atmosphere that is a safe and healthy environment to work, study, visit, and live while maintaining the integrity of the Roberts Wesleyan College's Mission Statement

The Risk Management Office will provide the consultation and resources necessary to help the College minimize the risk of loss to all those on our campus by helping to:

  • Identify risk
  • Assess risk levels
  • Control risk
  • Finance risk
  • Monitor risk

We encourage everyone to take corrective or proactive steps to minimize possible accidental injury and/or loss.


Working  together to help maintain our reputation is one of our key goals. Our reputation among students, parents, vendors, patrons, and the community is irreplaceable. 

There is no greater marketing tool than words of elation about an organization.  A unfortunate incident could cause that to be tarnished and prove costly to the College for many years.