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About Counseling 

Counseling is a collaborative process that involves the development of a unique, confidential helping relationship. Counselors act as facilitators to help clients better understand themselves and the world around them. Open and honest discussions of feelings, behaviors, relationships, life experiences, and circumstances with a trained counselor in a safe, confidential environment enables individuals to grow towards greater freedom in making healthy choices and taking appropriate actions for more satisfying relationships, self-concept, academic progress, and life goals.

The counseling that is offered at Counseling Center is provided by skilled mental health professionals. When a student meets with a Counseling Services staff person, he/she is meeting with someone who has had experience helping students deal with a wide range of personal and academic difficulties. Counseling Services staff work with the student to help him/her identify strengths, locate support resources, and to begin a process of change and growth.

The philosophy of the RWC Counseling Center is built on the assumption that counseling must address the whole person as a physical, rational, emotional, sexual, social and spiritual being. We are indirect, in that, like Christ, we honor client self-determination. We are direct in our approach in that we build upon the truths contained in the Word of God and lived out in the life of Jesus Christ. We believe that counselors' living their Christian faith in their practice makes a difference.