Student Life

Links Of Interest

The following is a listing of sites that provide information about various psychological issues as well as general resources about mental health concerns.

Link   Information
4   Extensive amounts of information about conditions and disorders, including the latest news, research and insights from experienced therapists.
Active   A student run organization dedicated to increasing knowledge about mental health among college-aged individuals.
Alcohol   Allows you to answer the question 'How much is too much' alcohol by doing your own screening.   Psychological terminology dictionary, online diagnosis through DSM IV-TR classifications.
The Bi-Polar   A website for all individuals, including those who are curious about what it is like for people experiencing Bipolar Disorder.
Brain   In-depth career profiles as well as degree and wage statistics for over 300 occupations that commonly require college or university education.
Break the   A website that engages, educates and empowers young adults to build lives and communities from domestic and dating violence.
Campus   A great place to get information about issues that are facing undergraduate students.
Free to be   FAQ's about youth sexual orientation.
Half of   Information,testimonials from celebrities and resources information regarding depression, bi-polar, self-injury, suicide etc.
Health   A general website to find out more information about medical and psychological issues.
Health   Information about general medicine and prescription drugs.
I am   Authentic stories about everyday struggles from athletes, actors, musicians etc. and the answers they have found.
Mental   Dedicated to improving the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in the world.
Mental   Numerous psychological self-help resources for clients and therapists.   National Institute of Mental Health - a clearinghouse for all things mental health including thorough information on medications.
Ophelia's   A safe haven of resources for those affected by eating disorders.
Psych   A one-stop index for psychology, support, and mental health issues and resources.   Information and resources for those dealing with self-injury.
Smart   The Coalition for marriage, family and couples education.
Something   Website devoted to providing information about eating disorders.
Strength of   A peer-run site with opportunities to connect, offer support, encouragement, share your real world experiences, creativity and a little bit of yourself.
Suicide Prevention Center   A website containing material about suicide prevention support, training, and informational materials.
U Chicago Student Resource Center   Virtual pamphlet collection for a variety of issues college students face.   The online behavioral support system for young adults.

Please note that the Counseling Center does not necessarily endorse information from other websites.

If you are looking for specific information regarding a particular mental health issue please call us and we can share more specific resources with you.