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Parking Ticket Appeals Process

If you have received a parking ticket and wish to appeal it you need to do the following:

  1. Complete the Parking Ticket Appeal Form, which can be obtained either at the Security Office, or through the Intranet.
  2. Return your completed Parking Ticket Appeal Form to the Security Office in the Voller Athletic Center within 10 business days from the date of the ticket.
  3.  Your appeal will be presented before a committee that consists of a staff member, a representative from Student Services and a representative from the Student Body.  This committee will meet as needed and will consider only written appeals.  Appeals, which are not submitted within the ten business days of the parking violation or are not completed, will not be considered.  Notification of approved/denied appeals will be sent to the Campus Security Office and the student involved.  Remember that the appeals committee will NOT appeal a ticket based on:
    1. Being late to class
    2. Being unaware of parking rules and regulations
    3. Being unable to afford to pay the ticket 
  4. The committee will make their decision and will send you an e-mail notifying you of their decision.  You will receive one of three e-mails: one notifies you that the committee has accepted your appeal and that you are thereby released from any fines.  The other is that your appeal has either been rejected or that your fine was reduced.  In this case, the letter will explain to you in further detail what you need to do to resolve your parking violation.