Student Life

Residence Hall Security

Residing in the college resident halls offers many conveniences to students. Some of these conveniences would include proximity to classes, dining, and assorted activities. The safety and security of the dorms is another attraction to campus life.

The Office of Student Development, and in particular the Resident Life Staff, is dedicated to maintaining and improving the safety and security of the resident halls. The staff has the duty of insuring that the exterior doors of these dorms are properly secured at all times. They also give presentations on safety and security of the dorms.

Access is gained into dormitories by Card Access and dorm key.  Resident Hall keys are managed by the Resident Hall Directors (RD).  Lost dorm keys should be reported to the RD and the Campus Safety Office immediately.  With proper identification students who are locked out of their dorm can obtain admittance by contacting Campus Safety. 

As in any community, there are behavior expectations of the residents, visitors, and guests in the college resident halls. These standards are well known and a part of the student orientation at the start of the school year. A list of these standards can be found in the Student handbook issued by Student Life or visit this web site:
Student Life Handbook

A reported or observed violation may generate an Incident Report from Campus Safety and this report will be turned over to the Student Development Office. Any disciplinary action due to this report will be handled by the Student Development Office. Gross infractions will be handled immediately by calling the appropriate personnel as dictated by the situation.

Beginning with Freshman Orientation and following through with refresher lectures, personal safety education is stressed. Topics include locking dorm rooms, the dangers of propping open exterior or fire doors, performing fire drills, the risks of walking alone (on or off campus) at night, and reporting any unusual events or persons who look suspicious or out-of-place to Campus Safety. These lectures stress the importance of keeping the campus and the dorms safe.