Student Life

Campus Plan for Missing Persons

Upon receiving a report of a missing person, Student Development and Campus Safety personnel will conduct a thorough and timely investigation to determine the whereabouts of the person as required by New York State law.

Most missing person reports in the college setting result from a student changing their normal routine and failing to inform roommates or friends of this change. The most serious cause for a report would be an abduction, suicide, or accident. A person will be considered missing if a roommate, classmate, faculty member or other campus person has not seen the person in a reasonable amount of time. An expressed suspicion or concern from any member of our college community will begin the investigation procedures.

Investigation Procedure
The investigation will start with contact with individuals who live and interact with the student daily. The investigation will expand as the location of the student continues to be unknown.

Initial Interviews
Roommates, Resident Adviser, floormates, or friends will be interviewed to determine where and when the person was last seen, the person's typical daily routine, other possible locations or destinations (i.e. on or off campus employment, travel plans) and the description of clothing worn. A determination will be made about the most recent mental state of the missing person (i.e. lonely, depressed, excited, angry). If the student resides on campus, the student's room will be examined to look for any additional information or explanation.

Secondary Interviews
Interviews will also take place with the missing person's professors and employers to determine if the student has been attending classes and arriving for scheduled work shifts. The Counseling Center and the Chaplain's office will be contacted to determine if they would have any additional information. College officials will be notified of the situation. Family members will be contacted to identify other explanations or alternative possible locations of the person.

Expanded dissemination of information
Local law enforcement agencies will be contacted within 24 hours and a formal missing person report will be filed. The President's Office will determine what information is shared with the local news media.

Verification and Reporting
Verification that the missing person has been located will consist of, but not be limited to: in person contact with the person, telephone contact of the person with reasonable explanation of location and circumstances, parental verification or law enforcement verification.

The status of the missing person will be reported back to the individual who made the original report, as well as the parents or contact person and the law enforcement officials if they were contacted during the investigation.