Student Life

Services for Students and Alumni

Individual Career Advisement
Individual appointments may be made to discuss issues and concerns.

Resume/Cover Letter Review
Individual appointments may be made to review resumes and cover letters in preparation for internships and job searches.
Resource/Resume Center
An area in Student Development is equipped with career and graduate school resources.
Graduate School Information
The Peterson's Guides to Graduate Schools and course catalogs from a variety of schools and testing bulletins are available.
Job Listings/Opportunities Board
Part-time, full-time, and summer openings are posted outside the Office of Student Development and in folders in the Career Resource area.
Credential File Maintenance
Education majors and students wishing to go on to graduate school should establish a file with the Career Services Office Coordinator.
On-Campus Employment Interviewing
Periodically, organizations come to campus to conduct one-on-one recruitment interviews.

On-Campus Events:

Volunteer Connection - An event in the fall semester featuring organizations who accept and utilize student volunteers wanting to make a difference in the Rochester community.

Summer Employment Day - An event in the spring semester featuring organizations seeking student employees for the summer months.

Job Recruitment Day - An event in the spring semester featuring organizations seeking college graduates for full-time employment.

Rochester Area Colleges' Recruitment Events - (held in the Rochester area throughout the school year)

  • Fall Teaching Fair
  • Rochester Area Career Expo
  • Law School Day
  • Teacher Recruitment Day
  • Graduate School Day