Student Life

Student Charter Process

The purpose of Student Organization Charter Applications is to keep accurate records of active student organizations at Roberts Wesleyan College. All student organizations must submit a Student Organization Charter Application every year. This form should be submitted by September 30, however Charter Applications will be reviewed throughout the year on an ongoing basis. 


Charter Process:

  1. The group's President and Advisor must complete and submit a Student Organization Charter Application and a current Constitution to the Office of Student Development (lower level of Rinker).  The Charter Application must show a minimum of 3 officers actively involved in the organization. The Advisor Agreement, printed on the back side of the Charter Application, must be agreed to and signed by the group's Advisor.
  2. Once the Charter Application is received by the Associate Dean for Student Programming, the Student Association Senate schedules a time for the group's leadership to present to the Senate body as it votes on the acceptance of the Charter Application. The Roberts Wesleyan College Student Association Senate reserves the right to withhold the charter of any organization that does not adhere to the Principles of Student Association Chartered Organizations.
  3. Should the Student Association Senate vote to grant the group their charter, the group is considered a recognized student organization with a Student Associate charter. Should the Student Association Senate vote not to grant the student organization a charter, the group shall not be considered a recognized student organization at Roberts Wesleyan College.  Should the group desire to appeal this decision, the College appeal should be directed to the Associate Vice President for Student Development.

Activities Fair:

The Office of Student Development sponsors an annual Activities Fair, for active student organizations, each September. In order to participate in the Activities Fair, groups must either be a chartered student organization or intend to apply for a charter by the end of September. By participating in this Fair, student organizations will be able to showcase and recruit new members. Download a registration form here.

Advisor Requirement:

Advisors serve as mentors, counselors, allies, liaisons, and friends. They play key roles in the development and continuation of student organizations both to the students as individuals and to the organization as a whole. It is for these reasons that all student organizations must have an actively involved Faculty/Staff Advisor who is a full-time RWC faculty, administrator, or staff member.

Benefits of a Student Association Charter:

Having a Student Association charter is an acknowledgement from the College that the group exists and is supported by the Student Association, as well as allows the group to post fliers on campus; reserve rooms on campus for meetings and activities; reserve College vehicles for approved use; participate in Activities Fairs; receive assistance, support, and advice from the Office of Student Development; and be included in the official College listing of student organizations in publications and on the website. Student organizations with a Student Association charter may choose to "bank" through the Office of Student Development Clubs account and are eligible to request funding from the College through a department or the Student Association Leadership Team.

Checklist for New Student Organizations:

As you go through the process of becoming recognized as a student organization at Roberts Wesleyan College, this Checklist provides a list of tasks to accomplish as you form your organization and submit your charter application.


Each student organization should have a current Constitution on file with the Office of Student Development. This document serves as a guiding tool to keep your group organized and focused on the intended purpose.  Use this Constitution Template as a general guide as you create your group's constitution.

End of Year Report:

In an effort to gain better data on the organizations chartered by the Student Association and help organizations achieve their goals, all Student Organizations chartered by the Student Association must submit an End of Year Report to the Office of Student Development for review by April 30 each year.

Naming Limitation:

When a student organization chooses a name, the group may not precede the group name with any form of the Roberts Wesleyan College.  For example, it shall not be named "Roberts Wesleyan College Knitting Club". Instead, the group may be named "Knitting Club at Roberts Wesleyan College".

Officer Requirement:

A minimum of three officers should be actively involved in the student organization to evidence shared responsibility and to ensure longevity for the group.

Principles of Student Association Chartered Organizations:

The Office of Student Development and the Student Association Senate aim to support an organizational system which allows students to pursue their interests while focusing their energy in ways that serve Jesus Christ and promote community at Roberts Wesleyan College.  Eight Principles were designed to encourage Student Association Chartered Organizations to be more purposeful in their activities and administration:  Scholarship, Spiritual Formation, Purpose, Uniqueness, Community Inclusion, Membership, Leadership Development, and Evaluation/Assessment. Student Association Chartered Organizations should take special consideration in adhering to these principles.

Uniqueness of Student Organizations:

All student organizations must be unique and distinct from all other student organizations. This is necessary to prevent too many similar organizations. Similar organizations pull similar members, so the membership of each organization suffers.

For more information on Advising student organizations, please contact Associate Dean Brenda Myrthil in the Office of Student Development at 585.594.6096 or via email.