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Student Association

Our Motto:
"Serving the Student Body in Christ's Name"

Congratulations to the Newly Elected
2014-2015 Student Association Leaders
SA President: Katy Martin
SA Vice President: Matt Thomas
SA Chaplain: Cameron Duncan

SA-logo-distressedwithwordsWHO IS SA?

The Student Association is comprised of all undergraduate students matriculated within Roberts Wesleyan College during the course of any given year. The Student Association Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.) is involved in the planning and integration of student activities so that students can have a full and balanced life outside the classroom. S.A.L.T. promotes a sense of group responsibility and plays the critical role of student representation for all aspects of community life. Associate Dean for Student Programming Brenda Myrthil advises this body of student leaders.


The Student Association officers are elected or appointed from the student body at large. The Student Association Leadership Team is responsible for providing the leadership of the activities of the Student Association. Each SA entity has a committee which students can join at any time of the year. Examples include: Beacon newspaper, Campus Ministries, Intramurals, Publicity, and Social Life committee.

For more information about specific positions within the Student Association, see the listing of SA leadership positions and the duties associated with them.

For more information about the Student Association in general, click here for a copy of the Student Association Constitution or stop by the Office of Student Development, located in lower Rinker.