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Activities Interest Survey: Tell Us Your Interests!

New Students: please take a moment to complete our Activities Interest Online Survey.

Getting involved in activities outside the classroom is one of the most rewarding aspects of college life. Take a look at the organizations listed below and select any or all of the opportunities in which you might have interest. If you do not see something listed that you are interested in, don't despair! Feel free to contact Associate Dean Brenda Myrthil about the possibility of creating a new organization on campus. Don't miss out on the chance for a great college experience outside the classroom.

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Student Association Leadership Team Entities

  • Produces a bi-weekly student newspaper to inform and enlighten students on current campus activities and issues on campus. Writers and photographers needed.

  • Represents class and plan activities for the class. Officers are elected positions.

  • Provides sports and recreation throughout the year including badminton, basketball, dodgeball, handball, kickball, racquetball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, and water polo.

  • Plans and implements campus-wide social activities.


  • Promotes unity among the fine art departments, fosters creative fellowship across the Roberts campus, and connects with the art community through interesting field trips.

  • Promotes interest in the Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Sociology fields, as well as a sense of fellowship among the students.

  • Implements creative initiatives, inspires lasting change, and infuses hope and excellence. This is a college chapter of the global non-profit organization active in over 40 countries and territories which develops community outreach projects that make social, economic and environmental difference.

  • Provides a place for math and science students to come together and discuss issues in math and science.

  • Prepares music majors through community interaction, performance opportunities, networking, and classroom teaching.

  • Meets once a month to plan events and service projects and fundraisers for the academic year. Projects include BP screenings, events at local hospitals, fundraisers for trans-cultural trips, and social activities.

  • Supports professional and service activities outside of the classroom, in partnership with the Student Education Association.

  • Promotes interest in the Psychology field, as well as a sense of fellowship among the students.

  • Advances and diffuses knowledge of physics, encourages interest in physics, and introduces students to the professional community.

  • Promotes dialogue on important topics facing the field of education and teachers in the workplace, meets monthly, and plans service projects/fundraisers for local children.

  • Furthers learning and social skills in the field of Social Work.


  • Enriches students with the Spanish language/culture through conversation and events.

  • Helps everyone appreciate the differences in cultures and ethnicities that God has blessed us with on the Roberts campus.

Ministry and Special Interest

  • Provides community for and fosters connections between Catholic students and faculty on campus.

  • Serves through ministry in music, arts, scripture and dramatic reading, prayer, testimonies, and working with the Chapel sound/video team.

  • Raises awareness of Israel, counters anti-Semitism, mobilizes students toward specific action-based initiatives focused on moral and socio-political reasons to support Israel.

  • Connects with other Rochester campus Cru organizations and impacts our community. Win, build, and send.

  • Brings together a group of dancers with all levels of experience, who gather together to worship God through the art of dance. The purpose of Dance Ministry is to minister to the dancers as well as to those who watch their performances.

  • Promotes and encourages spiritual growth for athletes at Roberts, while seeing the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches.

  • Helps students seek spiritual growth and unity in Christ through prayer, worship, and fellowship.

  • Feeds the hungry and shows the love of Christ through the partnership with Rochester Family Mission.

  • This all-female a capella group performs both on and off-campus.

  • Builds accountability and encourages men to discover how to be better servants of God.

  • Cross-cultural experiences that allow you to communicate God’s truth and love through service, music, teaching, and relationship building. Past mission trips include Africa, Costa Rica, Eastern Europe, Habitat for Humanity, Ireland, and Mexico.

  • Encourages and promotes the use of creative talents in Christian ministry opportunities.

  • Educates the student body regarding abortion and other right to life issues, and is actively involved in the community.

  • Develops a community where all past, present, and future veterans will have the maximum opportunity for academic and personal growth.

  • Builds accountability and encourages women to discover how to be better servants of God.

  • Develops life-long leaders on campus who will have the opportunity to serve and impact the lives of adolescents.

Music and Performing Arts Led by Faculty

  • The brass quintet typically consists of two trumpets, a French horn, tuba, and a trombone. The group performs an array of styles ranging from early styles of baroque to modern music. The group rehearses once a week and performs in the chamber ensembles concert each semester, as well as the annual Christmas gala concert and special events.

  • This 40-voice ensemble is made up of students enrolled in the college's many majors. The Chorale rehearses 3 afternoons per week, performs one or more major concerts on and off campus each semester, and takes an annual tour each Spring. Students are selected by audition at the beginning of each Semester.

  • Rehearses weekly and performs a concert once a semester, as well as other special events.

  • Rehearses weekly and performs a concert once a semester, as well as other special events. The group’s repertoire is very diverse encompassing everything from Baroque through 20th century, contemporary pieces.

  • Seeks to explore guitar repertoire from many artistic periods and influences.

  • Performs composed and improvised music derived from the American big band tradition; African American composers; contemporary classical music; and various ethnic traditions. Students are selected by audition at the beginning of the Fall semester. The Jazz Ensemble performs each semester on campus, as well as off-campus special events.

  • Selected by audition, this group rehearses weekly and presents a full concert each semester.

  • Provides a high quality orchestral musical experience in a supportive environment. The Orchestra consists of approximately 60 RWC students and Rochester area musicians.

  • Encourages students to participate in all aspects of a theatrical production including acting, production, backstage, set, and promotion.

  • Rehearses weekly and performs a concert once a semester, as well as other special events.

  • Selected by audition at the beginning of the fall semester, this group rehearses three afternoons per week, performs three major concerts each semester, and tours once a year.

  • Comprised of women both majoring and not majoring in music. The ensemble rehearses three afternoons per week. The Women's Choir performs at least once each semester. No audition is required.

Is there a sport that is not offered by Roberts Wesleyan College at the NCAA Division II level in which you would like to participate?