Resources for Spiritual Formation

Your Spiritual Formation

God uses all the circumstances of life to mold and shape us.  We all have our own backgrounds and quirks and interests and learning styles.  That makes us different, but each of us seeks a common goal:  spiritual maturity, the character of Christ.

So at Roberts, there are many different practices, activities, opportunities, resources and people available to aid in the spiritual development of everyone within our student body and the broader College community.

The Resource section of the Spiritual Life website provides links and pointers to spiritual aids, both on campus and beyond, that can help those seeking to grow in their faith and their practice of faith.  These include videos, books and readings, testimonies of others on a spiritual journey, and links to churches and other organizations reaching out to help people grow in the Christian faith.

We encourage you to investigate these resources, and to continue to "work out your salvation."  (Philippians 2:12)