Roberts Wesleyan College considers the Chapel services an integral and distinctive part of our Christian Liberal Arts education.  Because we believe that different people grow in their faith in different ways, we offer a variety of spiritual life options for students.

Our commitment to this integration of spiritual life shows up practically in a Spiritual Life Requirement at RWC.  Full-time students are expected to fulfill 22 spiritual life credits and attend at least one credited event each week of the semester so that the spiritual dimension of life is given time and attention throughout the semester.

Spiritual Life credited options:

  • Mondays from 11-11:50 are "Community Gathering Chapels," in Hale Auditorium.  These are opportunities for the entire RWC community, students, faculty, and staff to come together and worship.  In our fast paced world, we are asked to create space for many things.  In our chapel worship, we create space to attend to the Living Christ among us, both individually and together.  Sermon series help us as a community to focus together on topics of faith development, and we are intentional about worshipping in a breadth of Christian traditions and styles.
  • Wednesdays from 11-11:50, offers chapel worship service with contemporary worship music and area pastors, faculty testimonies and other inspirational & challenging biblical messages.
  • Most Fridays, Resident Directors will be leading PTI that's "Pardon The Interruption".  PTI are "Spiritual Life Discussions" with a different topic each month, led by a different RD each month.  PTI is held Fridays from 11-11:50 am in the CLC classroom 212.  Each discussion earns 1 spiritual life credit and allows students to explore spiritual life issues deeper, in conversation with others.  Check the chapel schedule for specific discussion topics.
  • Spiritual Life Credits are also given for student participation in Saturday Service Projects. Saturday Service Projects are offered once a month, three times each semester and are service/ministry opportunities off campus, often in the city of Rochester.  These are Saturday mornings or afternoons.  Because they involve travel and 3-4 hours of service, they are counted as 3 credits per Saturday service event.

Our prayer is that these different spiritual life options will aid both your personal growth and the spiritual vitality of our campus.  For more information on Chapel Worship, Discussions, and Service Projects, please feel free to contact Pastor Jonathan Bratt in the Office of the Chaplain. 

A complete chapel schedule is posted at various locations on campus as well as on the website.  Students can track their spiritual formation credit count on their Intranet home page in the left side-bar area.

Worship Ministry Team Application

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Worship Ministry Team at Roberts Wesleyan College. Worship team members are spiritual leaders on campus. Please print and complete the appropriate application, and submit to: