Volleyball Team Visited Parklands  

The  Roberts Volleyball team has visited Parklands over the years, and returned this past Friday, Dec 7th to decorate christmas cookies.

Head Coaches are a husband and wife team - Jon and Kristen Meyers.  They are in their fifth season of coaching at Roberts.  Jon’s grandmother had lived at the Parklands and since then they have invested in building relations with the residents.  Many of which have ties to Roberts.  It was a heartfelt event for everyone!


Group Photo at tree:  Lt to Rt

Back row – Resident Helen Ottley, Corry Phillips Reno Nevada, Olivia Zureck Lancaster NY, Resident Rose McAllen , Gisela Ocasio San Juan Puerto Rico,  Jordan Wilson Vista CA, Kendall Havener Alpine CA, Maggie Concannon Lancaster NY.

Front row – Judy Schultz Hilton NY, Courtney Wyckoff Interlaken NY, Becca Maher Baldwinsville NY, Resident Erma Lewis.