Athletes at College Greene  

Athletes_at_CGIn Roberts’ exciting transition to NCAA Division II, the Athletic Department has been challenged in many ways. One part of this transition is an emphasis on the development of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). There are representatives of each sport on SAAC, totaling 30 student-athletes. As a whole, they provide insight into the student-athlete experience and review NCAA legislation. The main focus of SAAC’s sub-committees is community engagement and the game-day environment. This includes service and creating events to connect with the community. The sub-committees of SAAC, which serve to forward this emphasis, are East Coast Conference Adopt-A-School, College Greene Community Outreach, Make-A-Wish and Game Environment Student Committee.

A group of Roberts student-athletes went to the East Coast Conference Leadership Forum on Long Island in October. They were trained in leadership through dynamic presentations and hands-on activities, including Fitness for Everyone, a program promoting inclusion in elementary schools. The students were then charged with beginning this program in a local school back home through the East Coast Conference Adopt-A-School program.

As a result, one of Roberts’ SAAC sub-committees has adopted Fairbanks Elementary. The group will go to the school to tutor, mentor and help students organize desks and lockers. The student-athletes will also offer sports clinics. There will be a Fairbanks Night basketball game where we will host families and offer games and refreshments for the elementary students.

Another sub-committee reached out to Roberts’ College Greene neighbors to volunteer their time for an Odd Jobs Service Day and hand out schedules for the Redhawks basketball home games and a free attendance pass. Students helped out in College Greene by raking leaves, walking dogs and re-potting plants. A few have even volunteered to go back and complete a project at a later date!

The Make-A-Wish sub-committee has been busy fundraising and planning events. Keep an eye out for more details on their efforts in the spring semester.

Finally, the Game Environment Student Committee has been brainstorming ideas and helping to implement them on game days. They work in conjunction with the Game Environment Staff Committee to enhance the game-day experience in accordance with Division II.