Congratulations to Professor Christine Pessagno ’72

page30-3Christine Pessagno ’72 was featured for the East Coast Conference “ECC on Campus Faculty Spotlight” in March.

A 1997 inductee to the Roberts Wesleyan Athletic Hall of Fame, Pessagno coached 37 seasons in basketball, volleyball and softball from 1972 to 1989. She is truly one of the pioneers in women’s athletics. Pessagno has stayed active in supporting the athletic program in many ways, including photography. Many of the photos posted on the Redhawks website are done by Pessagno, and she shares them with team members.

In the ECC interview, Professor Pessagno was asked: Can you briefly discuss what you think the place is of athletics at a college? What do you see as the value based on your experience of working with some of the student athletes?

“Just as honor programs bring academically talented students together, I see athletics as an extraordinary educational experience for high-achieving students in the realm of sports/athletic skills. Athletics is a blend of learning opportunities that ultimately enhance the college experience. Research has shown exercise/sport can affect every aspect of the body: brain, physical, spiritual and emotional. It can teach values, respect, responsibility, fairness, hard work and discipline. Athletics is a preparation for life. Roberts’ student athletes challenge their bodies daily in practices, showing discipline, striving for excellence, working cohesively as a team and developing Christian character, to name a few significant merits and distinctions.”