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Faculty Highlights

page16-8 Peter Pincus, Adjunct Professor of Art, showed his work this summer at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, the Museum of Contemporary Craft, the Lux Center for the Arts, and the 12th Annual National Juried Cup Show at Kent State University. For a full listing of his curriculum vitae, visit PeterPincus.com.


Romy Hosford, Assistant Professor of Art, recently self-published a photo book titled “Playing Solitaire with Sin” from a recent body of photographic work inspired by Walter Benjamin and the Paris Arcades. She also presented “The Future of Remix Culture: Ethics and Ideas in an Open Source World” at the Schoenhals Symposium biennial academic conference at Roberts Wesleyan College. page16-9


page16-10 Sharon Davis, Associate Professor of Nursing, was promoted to the faculty rank of associate professor in the Department of Nursing.


Dr. David M. Skiff, Associate Professor of Social Work, presented an interprofessional collaboration simulation with nursing at a social work conference. page16-11


page16-12 Sandy Rajamohan, Assistant Professor of Nursing, finished the course work for her doctorate and is in the process of submitting her manuscript and taking her qualifying exam.


Dr. David Basinger, Professor of Philosophy and Dean of the School of Professional Studies, has an essay on open theism included in a new book titled “Models of God and Alternative Ultimate Realities” (Springer, 2013). The volume compares and contrasts how God is envisioned in a number of Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim traditions. page17-1 


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Dr. Steve Bovee   Dr. Marcia O’Brien   Dr. Erv Starr

The spring 2013 issue of “Christian Business Academy Review” features an article by Dr. Steve Bovee, Professor of Business and Economies, Dr. Marcia O’Brien, Associate Professor of Accounting, and Dr. Erv Starr, Professor of Management, “An Integrated Experiential Model for Student Transformation — Lessons Learned.” This is an update of previously published research on the development and implementation of an integrated experiential student transformation model for RWC’s undergraduate business program, focusing on the results and lessons learned from its implementation.

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