Resources for Students

Current Student FAQ

  • iPads are great, however, they are not a substitute for a laptop or desktop.
    Click here to view a comparison chart of what you can and cannot do with different devices.
  • How do I view my grades, required textbooks, schedule, financial aid, or balance?          See our R-Serve help page.
  • How do I view my class information, classmates, or submit homework?                             See our CMS help page.
  • I can't get into my course (says "not enrollable").
    Typically if you have just registered for a course it takes up to 24 hours to be included in the system. If you need immediate access, please contact the Help Desk.
  • How do I check my grades?
    Log into R-Serve and click on "Grades" then click on "Grade Report".
  • How do I get my unofficial transcript.
    Log into R-Serve and click on "Grades" then click on "Unofficial Transcript ".
  • I cannot log in to the Intranet
    Typically, this problems is related to how you are typing in your username. Type in your username
  • My dorm jack is not working.
    • Make sure you are not connected to the phone jack.
    • Try your roomates jack. If your computer works in your roommates jack, then try using their network cable to attach your computer to your jack. (this will test to see if your cable is bad).
    • If you are still unable to connect, call the Help Desk.

Prospective Student & Parent FAQ

  • What kind of computer do I need?
    Just about any new PC or MAC you purchase should work on our network. If you are bringing an older computer to campus, please refer to the following section: 
    Computer Requirements
  • Do I need a printer?
    There are printers in every lab on campus.
  • Can I attach my gaming console to the network?
    Yes, we do allow game consoles to be used on the campus network. See the Game Console Support page for more information.
  • Is the campus Internet connection filtered?
    Yes, pornographic and gambling web sites are blocked from our internal network. See Security Measures for more information.