From Raiders To Redhawks


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Our athletic teams have been called the Roberts Wesleyan College Raiders since the late 1940's. However, the image associated with Raiders athletics has changed numerous times over the years. With the College transitioning from the NAIA to NCAA Division II, consideration of a new athletic team name seemed timely and appropriate.

In March, 2011, a team name/logo taskforce was formed to look at the issue and bring a recommendation to the Administration. The taskforce included athletes, students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Feedback was solicited from all stakeholders and played an important role in the taskforce's discussions.

Professional illustrations of three potential monikers (including Raiders) were sent with a survey questionnaire to current undergraduate students, alumni, faculty, and staff. After considering input from all these sources, the task force presented its recommendation, which was affirmed by the Administration, to select REDHAWKS.

The College is in the process of completing its first year of candidacy for NCAA Division II and looks forward to participating at this new level. Next year, the RWC REDHAWKS will be competing against teams from within the East Coast Conference, our new Division II conference. It is momentous and exciting to be part of this new chapter in the history of Roberts Wesleyan College Athletics!