Toni Custodio’08 MSL


Antonia (Toni) Custodio’08 was recently awarded the Career Achievement Award by the Latinas Unidas.  This award recognizes Rochester area Latinas for exceptional dedication to work and community.  Toni serves as Coordinator of Facilities and Campus Services for the Monroe Community College Damon City Campus.  She has been at the Damon Campus since its inception in 1992. 

Toni’s work brings her in contact with the students, faculty, staff, and administration of the campus, and she loves her job.  Toni understands that how the campus presents itself makes a big difference to everyone in the organization, especially students.  She takes pride in her work, and wants each of the over 3,000 students to feel a sense of pride and ownership in the campus as well.  She does her best to make the Damon Campus a welcoming environment for all.

As a graduate of both Organizational Management and the Masters of Strategic Leadership at Roberts Wesleyan College, Toni gives much credit to her Roberts experience.  She chose Roberts because it was a Christian college.  The opportunity to talk about faith and to integrate it into her education was very important to her.  Also, the emphasis on servant leadership was a key component of her studies and has been a guiding principle in her work.

Dr. Steve Bovee (Professor of Business and Economics) and Dr. Joel Hoomans (Associate Professor of Management) both stand out in her recollections.  They not only helped her learn how to be a better leader, but encouraged her to evaluate her own personal priorities and be intentional about the kind of person she wanted to be.

Originally from Vineland, NJ, Toni has made Rochester home since 1990.  A big source of encouragement and inspiration are her two boys, Daniel (21) and Jeremiah (9).  Toni is an active member of Bethel Christian Fellowship on East Avenue in Rochester.

Congratulations Toni!