Tiffany Robison’07 Music

AeN_March13_TRTiffany Robison’07 (Music) recently published her first book,The Insatiable Quest for Beauty – A Young Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Our Culture’s Obsession with Perfection.  This is a story that comes out of Tiffany’s own experience, and couldn’t have been written without the support of her Roberts family.

She started writing the book while an undergraduate music student at Roberts.  Tiffany transferred to Roberts and was struggling to adjust.  Encouraged by President John and Kathryn Martin, and Kelly Kuiken Poag’08, she put her thoughts on paper.  Staff and faculty, like resident director Tabitha Arrendel’99 and Dr. Paul Stewart, helped her grow in her faith.  Meaningful trips to Australia and Costa Rica gave her an opportunity to share her story.  All of these experiences helped shape her thoughts and the book was published in 2012. 

Last August, in a leap of faith, and with her dad’s encouragement, Tiffany quit her job and began sharing her story full time.  She has been traveling the country spending 2-4 weeks in various locations around the U.S.  She is currently in discussions with the National Eating Disorders Association regarding a partnership and has spoken at multiple colleges (Roberts Wesleyan, Biola, DePaul, and Colorado Christian to name a few), churches, and schools.  Her story has been featured on radio and in publications like Suzie Magazine.  Throughout it all, God has provided everything she needed, from financial support to a desperately needed computer.  God’s provision has been an amazing and humbling experience.

Tiffany recently completed her Master of Science in Music Therapy at Nazareth College (NY).  Her ultimate goal is to open a residential facility for eating disorders, similar to Mercy Ministries.  For more information on Tiffany and her ministry, check out her website at or email her at  You can also follow her on Twitter at @quest4beauty.