John Walsh’90 History and Charles Walsh’93 Religion/Philosophy

AeN_March13_JW_CWBrothers John Walsh’90 (History) and Charles Walsh’93 (Religion & Philosophy) are working at the highest levels of Canadian government.  Pictured here with the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, they are working in important roles within the Conservative Party of Ontario.

John graduated from Roberts going on to complete an MA in Political Science & International Relations from Carleton University and a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School (LLB).  John currently serves as the President of the Conservative Party of Canada.  In addition, he has held senior political positions working for the Minister of National Defense, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Finance.

Charles continued his education after Roberts completing an MA in History from SUNY Brockport and an MA in Counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary.  He currently serves as Senior Policy Advisor to Tim Hudak, Leader of the Official Opposition (Progressive-Conservative Party of Ontario).  As director of the policy shop, Charles has interest in all policy, but is particularly focused on the healthcare and education files, Ontario’s number one and number two budget items respectively.  Charles works in the Leader’s Toronto office at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Queen’s Park.

John lives in Toronto and is married to Jillian.  They have four children:  Duncan, Liam, Georgia, and Finnian.  Charles also lives in Toronto.  He has three children:  Natasha (a senior at Roberts), Lillian, and Winston.