Admissions Timeline

High School Seniors


  • Obtain college applications and make note of each college’s deadline to apply.
  • Start asking for letters of recommendation.
  • This may be the last chance to register for the SAT and ACT. If you have not taken these exams, find out when you can register for them.
  • Throughout the fall, meet with college representatives of the schools you are considering who are visiting your high school.


  • Continue to make college visits.
  • Obtain financial aid information from colleges of interest and take note of each college’s financial aid deadline for applying for aid.
  • Look into scholarships.Check local organizations and businesses as well as internet resources.  (See web links for suggested sites).
  • Take ACT and/or SAT.
  • Work to complete and submit your college applications.


  • Take ACT and/or SAT.
  • If you have not already completed admissions applications do so before the end of December.


  • Take ACT and/or SAT.


  • Complete Income Taxes.
  • File Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


  • Review financial aid awards from the colleges to which you have applied.
  • Attend programs for accepted seniors such as Accepted Students Day and Preview Day.
  • Make your final decision on which college you plan to attend and notify the appropriate office. Also notify other colleges you have applied to that you are declining admission.


  • May 1st Deadline—National deadline to deposit at a college. This secures a place in the freshman class.


  • Attend summer orientation! RWConnection.
  • Find a summer job and save, save, save!


  • Watch for your housing and roommate assignment.
  • Contact your roommate and begin to make plans for your room.
  • Be sure you have completed all of the necessary paper work.
  • Bills are due by the middle of August for the first semester.
  • Attend Fall Orientation.

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