2014-2015 Academic Year

Full-time Undergraduate

* Tuition $ 27,036
** Fees $ 1,032
Room $ 6,290
Board (20 meal plan) $ 3,550
Total $ 38,306

* - The cost of books and fees for certain courses are in addition to tuition charges.
** - A one-time student fee of $398 is also charged to all incoming students.

More information regarding Part Time Tuition Charges and Miscellaneous Fees can be found in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog:College Costs section.

Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan

If you would like to pay your educational expenses monthly, use the interest-free monthly payment option offered by our partner, Nelnet Business Solutions. The payment option is available for a small enrollment fee and includes personal account service, as well as automated account information 24 hours a day.

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Non-Traditional and Graduate 2014-2015 Tuition & Fees

                  Effective for groups starting after August 1, 2014.

All Programs  
Application Fee  $35
Student Fee (includes ID, Parking and Processing Fee)  $300 
Directed Study (plus tuition charges )  $120
Audit Fee (per course)  $150
Credit by examination (per credit)(Max charge $500)  $25
Portfolio Tuition                                           per paper  $250


B.S. in Organizational Management*

Tuition (per credit)  $537
Continuance Fee  $150
B.S in Health Administration*
Tuition (per credit)  $569
Continuance Fee  $150
Criminal Justice*
Tuition (per credit) $537
Continuance Fee $150
Modular R.N. to B.S.*  
Tuition (per hour)  $597 
Non-Refundable Deposit upon acceptance  $350
Nutrition Examination  $25
Nursing Dept. Exam  $5
Continuance Fee  $150 


Tuition (per credit hour)  $402
Pathway to Teaching (PTT)*  
Tuition (per credit hour)  $470


Master of Education
Master of Music in Music Education

Tuition (per hour)  $726
Non-Refundable Deposit upon acceptance  $350
Applied Music Fee - 1 credit  $240
Applied Music Fee - 2 or more credits  $480
Master of Social Work
M.S. in School Psychology or School Counseling
Tuition - MSW (per credit)   $670 
Tuition - School Psych./Counseling (per credit)   $622
Non-Refundable Deposit upon acceptance  $200  
Student Association Fee (one time)  $35
Health & Counseling Fee (6 or more credits) (per semester)  $110
SWK 767, Course Fee  $70   
PSY 522, Course Fee  $130


M.S. in Strategic Leadership (iPad included)
M.S. in Strategic Marketing*

Tuition- Leadership (MSL) (per credit)  $729  
Tution-  Marketing (MKT) (per credit)  $810
Non-Refundable Deposit upon acceptance  $200


M.S. in Nursing Administration*
M.S. in Nursing Education*

Tuition (per credit)  $772 
Non-Refundable Deposit upon acceptance  $350

M.S. in Health Administration*                                    


M.S. in Health Information Administration (IPad inc

Tuition (per credit)   $700 
Non-Refundable Deposit upon acceptance  $350

 * Students in these programs receive their books at no additional charge. 

    programs that include an ipad will have additional book charges.