Student Spotlight

Samuel Choi

Biochemistry, Pre-med

Samuel Choi Share a bit about your personal testimony of faith.
I’ve been raised in a believer’s family and I have been to church my whole life, but my faith had to mature and proliferate as I grew up. I am saved by Jesus Christ’s precious blood and my faith is real and I serve a God that has no limits.

How has Roberts (or the division) strengthened your faith journey?
Learning science raised questions and doubts about my faith, but all in all, the faculty on campus provided support to my questions and helped clear my mind and formulate my own ideas to strengthen my faith.

What are the pros for attending Roberts, especially as a math or science major?
Pros for attending Roberts, as a science major is that the ratio between student and faculty is small, allowing the students to get to know their professors and receive the attention and help they need. Also, the Roberts science program creates a good environment for students to study and learn.

What are the top 3 things you like best about the division?

  • I know that the division is really united. Fellow students and faculty are open and available to each other to help them in any possible circumstance. It feels more like a family than a division.
  • I love how the faculty is open to students and they can be very approachable, even outside of academics.
  • I like how the division ties science with faith and how much importance is put forth in this area.

How have you benefited from the faculty in the division?
Many faculty have been a blessing to me, guiding me not only in academics, but in my faith, normal-life-issues, and also being my friends.

Summarize your time here at Roberts in 2-3 sentences.
As an international student, there were many doubts and concerns coming to Roberts. But I can honestly say that I am glad that I came here. I got to meet very interesting people, make amazing friends and I got to work under brilliant minds; and all, helped me grow in many ways.


Amanda Gilbert

Art Education, Ceramics Concentration

Amanda Gilbert

During Homecoming this past September, Amanda Gilbert procured a table at “Bobby’s Bazaar” in an attempt to sell some of the work she made in Professor Pincus's Ceramics II Class. Arriving at the Bazaar around 9:30am with 36 pieces, Amanda stayed and sold her pieces until 3pm. When she had finally reached the end of those 5 1/2 hours Amanda had only 7 pieces left, with a total profit of $142!

Congratulations to Amanda on her entrepreneurial accomplishments!