Directory Information - information as defined by the institution which would not generally be considered harmful to the student, or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.

Disclosure - To permit access to, release, transfer or allow any other type of communication of personally identifiable information contained in education records to any party by any means; including but not limited to orally, written or electronic communication.

Educational Institution (or Agency) - A school or entity that provides educational services and is attended by students.

Education Records - Records which contain information directly related to a student and maintained by the institution or by a party acting for the institution. This includes any information which makes a student personally identifiable (i.e. ID number, home address, etc). Records that are not considered educational records are as follows:
Sole possession records
• Records created and maintained by a law enforcement unit for a law enforcement purpose
• Employment records - only those records that relate exclusively to individuals as an employee and are not contingent upon attendance
• Medical records made and maintained in connection with treatment and disclosed only to individuals providing treatment
• Records containing information about an individual which are created after he/she is no longer a student at the institution (i.e. alumni records)

Eligible student - a student who has reached the age of 18 or is attending a post-secondary institution

Legitimate Educational Interest - A school official having the right to review education records on the basis that it will fulfill professional responsibilities placed on him/her.

Personally Identifiable - Data or information which include but are not limited to:
• Student name
• Name of the student's parent or other family member
• Address of the student or student's family
• Personal identifier (i.e. social security number, student number, etc)
• Personal characteristics or other information that would make student's identity easily traceable

Record - Any information or data recorded in any medium (i.e. handwriting, print, tapes, film, video tape, etc).

School Official - Any person employed by the college, contracted by the college, serving on the Board of Trustees, or anyone assisting an official in performing his or her tasks.

Sole Possession Record - Records which are created and maintained by faculty and staff not shared with others (i.e. personal notes, memory joggers).

Students - Any individual who is or has been in attendance at an institution.

Referenced from U.S Department of Education & AACRAO