Deferment of Loans

Loans may be deferred when a student is enrolled at least half-time (full-time/half-time status varies based on program of study) at the college and is receiving notices that their loan is in the grace period or about to enter repayments.  In order to have a loan deferred you must submit a signed and complete 'In School Deferment' form to the Registration Office.  Undergraduate, graduate, and Non-Traditional students may submit the deferment form to the Registration Office. 

The deferment form should be obtained from the student's loan servicer as the form may be different for each servicer.  Most loan servicer will have a downloadable version of this form on their web site or it can be requested by calling the servicer.  Once submitted to the Registration Office, the form will be sent to the loan servicer at the address stated on the form.  The deferment form will be filed for the current or the upcoming term if a term is not in progress, unless otherwise stated with submission of form.

Be sure that your signature as well as the address to where the form needs to be sent is present.  Without this information the deferment may be delayed and result in delinquency on your loan.