Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Click each question to learn more!

Who can go?

Any student with good standing at Roberts Wesleyan College. Most programs require a 2.75/4.0. The Oxford Scholar's Semester requires a 3.5/4.0.

Where should I go?

Anywhere you want! RWC offers our own program in Avila, Spain and we offer partner programs in Australia, China, Middle East, Uganda, Costa Rica, England and many more. In addition, Roberts offers partner programs in the United States - Los Angeles, Nashville, and Washington D.C. You can also study abroad in other locations through program providers not associated with Roberts Wesleyan College. Contact the Global Education Coordinator for more information.

When should I go?

First or second semester junior year is recommended, but students have studied abroad in their sophomore and senior years, as well. For students planning to study in Avila, Spain it is recommended to go the spring of their sophomore year.

For how long should I go?

RWC programs include short term study (On Location Course) that last from one to three weeks and semester-long study abroad which could be for four months (semester) or 9 months (academic year).

Can I study abroad for more than one semester?

You will need to clear this with your advisor and the Assistant Registrar to ensure you meet Roberts residence requirements.

How much does it cost?

Most partner programs are very similar to what it costs for a semester at RWC. However, in certain circumstances a semester abroad will cost more or less than tuition, room and board depending the study abroad program. Limited Off Campus Enrichment Scholarships are available.

How will I be billed?

For Roberts' Avila, Spain program and Roberts Partner Programs (CCCU, and Houghton), you will be billed through your Roberts' student account. You will receive a RWC bill as you usually do, however, it will read Study Abroad program [Name of the program], listing RWC tuition for a semester and the cost of the room and board as billed by the program. If you study with an independent program provider, you will be billed directly by that provider.

Can I use my federal and state financial aid?

Because these programs have all been approved as off-campus enrichment opportunities for Roberts Wesleyan College students, Federally and State funded financial aid does apply. Students who anticipate being gone for the semester are expected to have all financial aid forms processed before they leave. The college will certify that each participant is registered full-time for financial aid purposes so that grants and loans will apply.

Can I keep my Roberts Financial Aid?

Yes and no. If you study on the Roberts Program in Avila, Spain, you will receive a special Roberts scholarship in lieu of your Roberts financial aid. If you study on a Roberts Partner Program (CCCU or Houghton) you will be eligible for an Off Campus Enrichment Scholarship. If you study on an independent program, you will not be eligible for your Roberts financial aid during the semester you are studying abroad.

Do I need health insurance?

Students in any of these programs are expected to have sufficient insurance coverage. If the program does not provide such coverage, Roberts Wesleyan College students will be charged for and included in the basic medical coverage plan offered by the college. They will not, however, be charged the medical and counseling fee during the semester they are gone from the campus.

Do I get credit?

Most programs are accredited and the course work will transfer in. However, you want to be sure that the transfer credit applies to the courses you need to graduate. You should talk with your faculty advisor and the Assistant Registrar if you have questions.

Will I graduate on time if I study off campus for a semester?

It depends on your major. The Global Education Coordinator can give you guidance in this area.

What happens to my status at RWC while I study off campus?

If you study abroad with RWC program in Avila, Spain or Roberts Partner Programs (CCCU and Houghton), you will maintain your registration as a RWC student. If you go with an independent program provider, you will need to fill out an Off Campus Study form with Student Services at the time of registration in order to notify the College that you will be studying off campus.