Global Education

Roberts Reaches the World

At Roberts, our vision for global education is tied directly to our larger mission of preparing thoughtful, spiritually mature, service-oriented people who will touch others and help transform society.  We do this by encouraging students to study in a cross-cultural context - often, but not always, overseas.  In addition, we offer the opportunity to serve through missions trips.

The Global Education initiative at Roberts consists of three major programs: the off-campus study program, the international student program, and the College's continued relationship with its sister college, Osaka Christian College in Osaka, Japan.

Where Do You Want to Go?

Each year, students participate in short-term missions trips that take them to places like South America, Haiti, and Ireland.  Others earn credits by taking an "on location course" in China, Italy, or London.  Roberts students also can take a semester to live and study abroad at colleges in Spain, Indonesia, Australia, Jamaica, or England.  There is almost no place on earth a Roberts student can't go.

We regularly have more than 10 students each semester studying abroad in such diverse countries as Costa Rica, France, Spain, Egypt, Uganda, Lithuania, and Australia, among others.  We also welcome and serve international students as they blend into our campus community.  In 2010-11, we hosted 34 international students from 17 different countries.

Global education captures the transformative power of a liberal arts Christian education in overlapping hues of scholarship, spiritual formation, and service learning.  If you want exposure to the people and places that make up God's rich global mosaic, the Global Education initiative at Roberts can help you achieve it.