General Education

Message from the Chair


Welcome to the General Education Council home page.

This Council oversees the General Education Program, the curriculum and co-curricular experiences that are shared by all undergraduate students. The General Education Program is the breadth component of a liberal education that (1) equips students with foundational knowledge and skills; (2) encourages students to investigate diverse fields of study, from the fine arts to the natural and social sciences, from the ancient texts of the Bible to the complex issues of today’s world; and (3) challenges students to integrate diverse learning experiences and Christian perspectives in the development of a personal worldview. Through active engagement in a community of learners, students are empowered to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will prepare them to be thoughtful, spiritually mature, service-oriented persons who will have a transforming impact on society.

The General Education Council offers two undergraduate degrees: the B.A. in Liberal Arts and the B.S. in Cross-Disciplinary Studies. These are individually designed, interdisciplinary degrees that encourage students to integrate diverse fields of study in unique ways according to their personal interests and professional goals. More detailed information is available on the link to Majors. We encourage you to explore these new opportunities for learning.

Jennifer Aube, Ph.D.
Chair of the Gen Ed Council

Liberal education is a philosophy of education that empowers individuals with core knowledge and transferable skills and cultivates social responsibility and a strong sense of ethics and values. . .It usually includes a general education curriculum that provides students broad exposure to multiple disciplines and ways of knowing, along with a more in-depth study in at least one field or area of concentration.

~Association of American College and Universities