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On-Campus Supplemental Programs

The Learning Center

The Learning Center provides academic support services to all students and faculty of Roberts Wesleyan College. Individual assistance, small group instruction, workshops, seminars, tutoring, and mediated instruction may be arranged on a drop-in basis or by appointment. Assistance is available for developing the organizational skills, reading, writing, critical thinking, and study habits necessary for academic success. Classes in the English for Speakers of Other Languages program are designed to develop proficiency in English and to prepare international students for college classes. The Learning Center also coordinates services based on individual needs for students with disabilities.

Students with Disabilities

Based on individual needs, the Learning Center coordinates services and accommodations for students with disabilities. Students requesting services must provide complete and current documentation of a disability before any accommodations can be provided. All accommodations are subject to approval by the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities. For further information, please contact the Learning Center in the B. Thomas Golisano Library.

Media Support Services

Media equipment for student and faculty use includes a satellite downlink, video camcorders, video and audio tape editing facility, TV production studio, audio tape recorders, microphones, overhead transparency preparation, lamination, 35 mm slides, digital photography, scanning, video/data projections, and computer interfaces for classroom presentations. Instruction and assistance is available to students and faculty for any presentation or class project. Media assistance, equipment, and trained personnel are available for preparation of visual aids for class assignments and presentations, review of class materials such as slides and video tape for exams, video review of class and campus events, video and movie projection, video production and editing. Media service is also responsible for the repair, purchase, and distribution of all campus audio-visual equipment.

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