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Endowed Scholarships

A portion of the College’s endowment fund is designated for the scholarship program. The scholarships and grants listed below are funded annually or by endowments provided by friends of the College, and are awarded by the Office of Financial Aid. For specifics pertaining to each scholarship, contact the Office of Financial Aid.


  • McGaffic Memorial Art Scholarship
  • Linda Williams McGrath Memorial Art Scholarship
  • Rachele A. Rudd Memorial Art Scholarship
  • Jeff Strong Memorial Scholarship


  • Coach Harry F. Anderson Track Award
  • Duran L. (Uncle Buck) and Anna C. DeBarr Athletic Scholarship
  • Mendal and Bertie Dick Cross-Country Award
  • Mendal and Bertie Dick Track Award
  • Jack Fraser Annual Soccer Scholarship
  • Art Horwood Family Award


  • James A. Barnard Memorial Scholarship
  • Five Star Bank Business Scholarship
  • Douglas Kemp Memorial Business Scholarship
  • Paul F. King Business Scholarship

Computer Science

  • Alfred E. Morton Memorial Scholarship


  • Grace and Stanley Addy Memorial Scholarship
  • Bertha Priestly Agor Scholarship
  • Dr. Herman J. and Carolyn J. Bowman Endowed Scholarship
  • Heart for the City UTT Scholarship
  • Jean E. McGrew Scholarship
  • The Walter R. and Nancy Merrifield Teaching Education Scholarship
  • Teacher Education Division Scholarship


  • Dr. David E. Robbins Memorial Scholarship

International Travel

  • William and Mildred Feinbloom Fund for International Study Travel


  • Kaufmann Mathematics Scholarship
  • Edgar A. Rose Mathematics Scholarship


  • Myrtle C. Ballew Scholarship
  • Christian Service Loan Fund
  • William C. and Rilla L. Crothers Christian Ministry Scholarship
  • Doddridge-Holland Scholarship Fund
  • Elmar and Catherine Frangenberg Scholarship in Honor of Antoinette Brown Blackwell
  • Lee Grimm Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Martha Humelsine Scholarship
  • Dr. Stanley R. & Virginia M. Magill Memorial Scholarship
  • John D. and Marion W. McCoy Ministerial Scholarship
  • R. Douglas McGrew Memorial Scholarship
  • Edward A. Vanderhoof Memorial Scholarship


  • Paul L. Adams Music Scholarship
  • Chester C. and Alice E. Crill Music Scholarship
  • Roy S. Harner Memorial Music Scholarship
  • Hughes Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Douglas W. and Carolyn J. Illsley Endowed Scholarship
  • Mildred E. Meyer Music Scholarship
  • Neil and Neva Pfouts Music Scholarship
  • Charles Richard Schaefer Memorial Scholarship
  • Mildred M. Schoenhals Memorial Music Scholarship


  • Martha Adams/Coral Kiffer Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Carrie M. Auchter Scholarship
  • Francis W. and Gloria M. Blanchard Scholarship
  • Howard H. and Anna W. Burt Nursing Scholarship
  • Butterfield Memorial Foundation Nursing Scholarship
  • William Earl Fox Scholarship
  • Myrta A. Harrington Nursing Scholarship
  • Hazen Family Nursing Scholarship
  • Ellwyn E. Heier Memorial Scholarship
  • W. Joy Howson Memorial Scholarship
  • Barbara L. Johnson Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Elizabeth A. Nussey Nursing Award
  • Dr. Leo W. Pfeiffer and Clara T. Pfeiffer Nursing Scholarship
  • Scarborough Family Fund
  • Nancy Elizabeth Smith Scholarship
  • Dorothy Whittingham Nursing Scholarship

Sciences and Engineering

  • Dr. Phyllis Chamberlain Science Scholarship
  • Donald D. Kerlee Engineering Award
  • Ogden Family Physics Scholarship

Single Parent

  • Faith Haven Single Moms Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Single Parent Vision Award


  • Jilian Brady Memorial Theatre Scholarship


  • Evelyn H. Alexander Scholarship
  • Howard and Meryle Bassett Scholarship
  • Claire and Allen Busching Scholarship for Baptist Students
  • Ted R. Byerts Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Richard T. Chang Scholarship
  • Class Gift Scholarship Endowment
  • Class of 1945 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Class of 1946 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Class of 1950 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Class of 1952 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Class of 1953 Endowed Scholarship Fund 
  • Class of 1993 Class Participation/Academic Award
  • Alton and Florence Dailey Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Maxine B. and Donald F. Davison Scholarship 
  • Ralph and Pearl Doddridge Hadley Scholarship
  • Educational Assistance Ltd. (EAL) Scholarship
  • Charles C. England Memorial Scholarship
  • Sally and Benn Forsyth Bridge Builder Award
  • The Foy-Harriff Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • The Frontier-Roberts Connection
  • Graduating Class Intercultural Award
  • Marguerite M. Hahn and June H. Leckinger Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Wesley J. and Sandra J. Harvey Scholarship Fund
  • William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship
  • Howard J. Henderson Scholarship Fund
  • Higbie Memorial Fund
  • Ezra Francis Hockenberger Scholarship Fund
  • James A. and Mary Grier Junker Scholarship
  • William and Nellie Longrod Memorial Scholarship
  • Dorothy Tenney Lucas Memorial Scholarship
  • Bernard J. and Mary C. Lynch Scholarship
  • Lysander International Student Scholarship
  • Korean Scholarship Fund
  • Theodore and Cashmere M. Mendick Foundation Scholarship
  • Donald F. Mohnkern Memorial Scholarship
  • Gladys M. Moll Memorial Scholarship
  • Ruth E. Norejko Scholarship
  • John D. and Marian M. O’Brien Memorial Scholarship
  • Organizational Management Scholarship
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Social Work Award
  • Presser Foundation
  • Jim and Arline Rudolph Scholarship
  • Jack D. and Ida O. Sidler Scholarship
  • Rev. Elton and Ruth Smith Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Leona Lane Snyder Memorial Scholarship
  • George and Elizabeth Staines Memorial Scholarship
  • Raymond and Doris Strickland Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Thuline Family Scholarship
  • Loren E. and Ruby Prior Wagner Scholarship
  • John F. Wegman Foundation
  • Nelson John Weighill Scholarship

It is the hope of the College that recipients of these awards will someday be able and willing to contribute to the scholarship endowment fund for the benefit of students to follow.

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