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Student Conduct

In describing the expectations regarding student behavior at Roberts Wesleyan, the College recognizes that students are adults and must have ample opportunity to make decisions which will aid in their development and growth. At the same time, the College accepts the role of working with students to maintain the standards of behavior which reflect the philosophy and goals of Roberts Wesleyan College.

The commitment of the College to maintain high standards of intellectual growth and personal conduct imposes on each student the necessity of observing and upholding the standards and regulations, whether expressly stated or implied. The College recognizes the impossibility of enlarging the category of regulations to provide for every contingency. Rather, it expects students to build for themselves a wholesome philosophy of life which will guide them in making intelligent decisions that are socially and spiritually constructive.

In order to maintain a healthful atmosphere in which the student may live and study, the use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs is forbidden.

The Roberts Wesleyan College Student Handbook is the publication in which specific regulatory policies for all students are written. Each student can access the handbook on the Internet and is responsible to read and observe its contents. All social codes are explained in the handbook along with all disciplinary procedures.

Suspension or Dismissal

The College reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student at any time when, in the judgment of the administration, such action becomes necessary. Attendance at the College is a privilege which may be withdrawn in the case of a student who demonstrates substantial disharmony with the traditions and regulations of the College, or who is unwilling or unable to adjust to its environment. The College reserves the right to refuse a student’s registration at any time without explanation. The student does have the right of appeal. A student whose suspension from the College is effective through the end of a semester receives a grade(s) of WP or WF (see Grading System) as determined by the instructor(s) based on the quality of work at the time of suspension.

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