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Health Center

Health Safeguards

Good health is important to the student’s academic success. The College, therefore, maintains a well equipped, professionally staffed Health Center offering a basic level of medical treatment.

The Health Center is located in the Voller Athletic Center. It is staffed by a Family Nurse Practitioner and an Administrative Assistant. Health care is available by appointment Monday through Friday during the office hours posted. Appointments can usually be made through the Administrative Assistant on a same-day basis. A physician is available by appointment off campus.

During the hours that the Health Center is closed, an ill or injured resident student should contact a Resident Advisor, Resident Director, or Campus Security for assistance. In any life-threatening situation, students should call 911 and then notify Campus Security.

General Precautions

The College reserves the right to take appropriate action consistent with school policy regarding particular physical or mental health situations. In the interest of the wellness of the general student body, students may be required to return to their homes or to enter a local hospital due to public health and community well-being concerns.

Medical Insurance

All students enrolled at Roberts Wesleyan for more than 6 semester hours are covered by basic accidental medical insurance. This policy covers students on or off campus during the academic year.

The College strongly recommends that every student contract for medical insurance to cover any possible severe illness or surgical needs while he or she is a student. Students should have an insurance card in their possession should the need arise. Students taking more than 6 semester hours who do not have medical insurance will automatically be enrolled in an assigned medical insurance program.

Families should note that this insurance offers very basic and minimal coverage, though it is well-suited to the college health service program. The cost is also minimal. A student may opt to have this college supplemental medical insurance in addition to the personal basic family plan.


New York State has stringent requirements under its Public Health Law regarding immunization. An official copy of immunizations from a doctor or previous school must be on file in the Health Center in order for students to attend college.

Contagious Diseases

In cases of acute contagious disease, the resident student is immediately removed from college housing, in consultation with the student’s parents or guardians. In such cases, all expenses are the responsibility of the student and his or her family, unless covered by insurance.

Accidents and Emergencies

In any instance of accident or emergency when the College sends a student to a hospital or arranges for the services of a surgeon or a specialist, the College is acting temporarily in place of the parents and assumes no responsibility for the expense incurred.

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