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Freshman Admission

In assessing a freshman applicant’s suitability for admission, the Admissions Committee expects the following:

  1. Graduation from an approved high school and ranking in the upper three-fifths of the graduation class.

    Recommended High School Curriculum:
    English: 4 years
    Foreign Language: 3 years*
    History or Social Sciences: 3 years
    Mathematics: 3 years**
    Science: 3 years**

    * With few exceptions, students presenting three units of high school credit in the same foreign language with a grade of C or better are not required to pursue further language study at Roberts Wesleyan. (For more details on language requirements see Foreign Language Proficiency.)
    ** Those intending a science program in college should have four years of science and a minimum of three years of mathematics. Those intending a mathematics program should have four years of mathematics and physics and/or chemistry. Applicants to the nursing program should have biology and chemistry. Students who do not meet minimum requirements may be granted provisional admission.
  2. Satisfactory scores on SAT or ACT.  (While not required, Roberts Wesleyan College does recommend that students take the ACT Assessment Writing Test.)
  3. Favorable recommendations from high school officials and from others who can attest to appropriate character and habits.

Completed applications are reviewed regularly throughout the year. A completed application file must include the application for admission with completed personal statement, transcripts of high school and college work completed or in progress, results of the SAT or ACT, and a personal recommendation. An opportunity for additional testing and campus interview may be required prior to an admission decision. Students are informed of the Admissions Committee’s decision by the Director of Admissions usually within two weeks after the application file is complete.

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