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Dropping, Adding, and Withdrawing from Classes

Once a semester begins, students may not withdraw from a course for which they are registered or exchange it for another course or section except by formal permission from the Registrar. Such permission is obtained only on the basis of filing a Change of Registration Form, which can be obtained in the Office of Registration or online at the RWC intranet Registration page. This form must be signed by both the instructor whose course the student is entering and the instructor from whose course the student is withdrawing. In addition, it must also be signed by the student's faculty advisor. No withdrawal is official until the form is returned to the Office of Registration.

If proper application is made to the Office of Registration within two weeks following the beginning of a regular semester and within two days following the beginning of the summer session, a student may drop a course without receiving a grade. As in all other changes of registration, the date the form is received in the Office of Registration is the official date of change. After the period just indicated, but prior to the final two weeks of classes of a regular semester, or prior to the last three days of the summer session, a grade of WP shall be recorded for the student who withdraws while doing passing work. A grade of WF shall be recorded if the student is failing at the time of withdrawal. If withdrawal occurs during the final two weeks of classes, or within the last three days of the summer session, a grade of F is recorded. A grade of WF has the same effect on the grade point average as an F.

All unofficial withdrawals from a course are recorded as F.

Withdrawal from a class may alter a student’s financial aid and financial standing with the College. A student withdrawing from a class should check with the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Student Accounts before taking action.

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