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Class Attendance

The faculty and administration of the College believe that many of the values to be secured during college years cannot be measured adequately or accurately through written examinations. Among these values are those received through participation. Consequently, students are expected to attend all sessions of the courses for which they are registered, and faculty are expected to take attendance.

Unavoidable absence due to illness, death in the family, or other emergency is excusable and the work missed may be made up. Each instructor is expected to state clearly at the beginning of each course how class participation and attendance will affect the student’s grade. When, however, an instructor finds that a student is failing because of excessive absence, the instructor may recommend that the student be dropped from the course.

Absences due to late registration are considered as any other absence.

A student on Academic Probation is allowed no unexcused absence.

Excuses for Class Absence

All excuses for class absence should be presented to the instructor in advance when possible. Make up of missed work can then be arranged. Absences for athletic participation, college-sponsored field trips, and other off-campus activities are regarded as excused, and all work may be made up without penalty.

Tardiness to Classes

Excuse for tardiness to class must be presented to the instructor at the close of that class session. Three unexcused tardies constitute an absence, as does any part of a class session missed that exceeds 20 minutes.

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