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Criminal Justice

Kirby M. Trask, M.A., Chair

The Department of Criminal Justice offers courses that meet the requirements of majors in Criminal Justice and Economic Crime Investigation.  In addition, many students with other majors elect to take specific courses offered by the Department, and often complete minors, in order to enhance and supplement their program of study or career preparation.

Double majors in conjunction with the Department of Psychology are allowed.  In such instances, courses that are essentially identical (e.g., PSY 309 and CRJ 304; CRJ 450 and PSY 450) will only be taken once.  PSY 101, PSY 308, and PSY 402 may be counted toward both the CRJ and PSY majors for students who are double majors.

Through all of its courses, the Department seeks to fulfill the College’s mission of developing scholarship, spiritual formation, and service in students, while fostering an understanding of the human experience from the perspective of the social and behavioral sciences. In addition, teaching methods also facilitate the acquisition of critical thinking, computation, and communication skills. The emphasis in all courses is on the integration of Judeo-Christian heritage and ethics within the context of the discipline. With a balance of liberal arts, theoretical, and methods/practice courses, students are prepared for further study at the graduate level and for entry level professional or pre-professional positions.

To speak with a representative in the Department of Criminal Justice, call 585.594.6081.

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