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Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics

Gary Raduns, Ph.D., Chair

The Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics is a community of scientists and mathematicians in which we and our students grow in scholarship and the integration of our Christian faith with our academic lives in order to prepare students to live and serve responsibly in society.  We provide courses of instruction in computer science, mathematics and physics.  We offer majors in computer science, information systems management, mathematics, adolescent education in mathematics, physics, and adolescent education in physics.  We also provide courses in support of major programs such as economic crime investigation and in accounting information management.  In addition, the Department coordinates the 3+2 Engineering program with articulation agreements with Rochester Institute of Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Clarkson University.

The faculty values personal interaction with students, as evidenced in small classes and opportunities for research with faculty, independent study, or teaching/laboratory assistantships.  Diverse opportunities are available for research experiences, internships, and employment within the Department.

Our students are successful in obtaining competitive summer research opportunities, admission to graduate school, and employment in the field.


The Department offers majors in each of the three disciplines in several tracks:

Computer Science:  Computer Science (BS) and Information Systems Management (BS).

Mathematics:  Mathematics (BA), Mathematics (BS), Mathematics--Applied Concentration (BS), Adolescent Education Mathematics (BS).

Physics:  Physics (BA), Physics (BS), and Adolescent Education Physics (BS).

Double Majors within the Department

Students may double major across the disciplines.

Students may only earn one major within a discipline, except that students completing an adolescent education major may earn a second major in the discipline by completing an additional 12 credit hours in the discipline beyond those required for certification.

To speak with a representative in the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics, call 585.594.6310.

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