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Elvera Berry, Ph.D., Chair

The Communication Major represents an ideal blend of theory wedded to practice: a Communication Core; a Distribution of courses in theory, writing, speaking, and media; a Concentration in a second academic discipline; and a Professional Internship related directly to a student's interests. Grounded in scholarly preparation and active in professional organizations, Communication professors are committed to Christian higher education and genuinely enjoy engaging with college students, both personally and academically. The Major provides an exceptional foundation—whether long-term goals lie in media, ministry, organizational leadership, local/international service agencies, or graduate study in such fields as counseling, education, international studies, law, library science, rhetoric, theology, urban policy, or in other cross-disciplinary studies. Remaining flexible in the face of change, Communication graduates are prepared to pursue a wide range of professions and careers.

Minor in Communication

The minor consists of a minimum of 18 hours, including at least two courses from the Communication Core
and at least four Distribution courses.

Double Majors

Any concentration in the Communication major may be counted toward a second major as long as there are
12 credits unique to each major.

To speak with a representative in the Department of Communication, call 585.594.6972.

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