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Other Funding Sources

Students are encouraged to apply for outside grants and scholarships for which they may be eligible. The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) are examples of outside agencies which help qualified students.

Many students are successful in identifying private sources of grants in their immediate community as well. Contact high school guidance offices, area college financial aid offices, and service clubs, and watch newspapers for programs worth considering. Students are responsible for reporting all such awards to the Office of Financial Aid. Need-based aid packages will be reviewed and adjusted to take account of additional funding. Once a student’s financial need (determined through completion of the FAFSA) is met, funding beyond the level of financial need will result in an equal reduction in grant and loan assistance. Students without need-based financial aid who are recipients of scholarships from the College will only be affected if outside awards cause the total of their grant assistance to exceed the cost of tuition.

SAGE Scholars Prepaid Tuition Discount Plan

Participants in the Sage Scholars program may not be eligible for institutionally funded financial aid. Information on this program is available in the Office of Financial Aid.

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