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Division of Fine Arts

Nelson W. Hill, Chair

The Division of Fine Arts presents art and music courses for those with specific interest in these disciplines and creates an atmosphere for the general College community in which individuals can grow to a greater appreciation of the arts.

Students who major in Art or Music focus on practical education and hands-on experience: Music and Art Education majors gain teaching experience; Performance majors perform; Art majors create and exhibit. There are many opportunities to participate in exhibits and performances on campus in order to gain experience in each field.

The Division offers majors in the following:
A. Art Education, B.S.
B. Fine Arts, B.A. (Art or Music emphasis)
C. Music, B.A.
D. Music Education, B.S.
E. Music Performance, B.S.
F. Studio Art, B.A., B.S.
G. Studio Art, B.S. (Graphic Design concentration)
H. Time-Based Media, B.S. 

The Division offers minors in the following:
A. Art
B. Music
C. Theater

A certification program in piano pedagogy is also offered.

The Division offers a Master of Education in Music Education.

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