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Other Scholarships and Grants

These scholarships are effective for students who entered for the 2011-2012 academic year or after. Other students please refer to the 2010-2011 catalog for Academic Scholarships.

Achievement Scholarship

Achievement Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate academic excellence and significant involvement in church, school and/or community activities.  New students receive consideration based on information presented in their admission application, including recomendations.  The amount of the scholarships vary.  Achievement Scholarships cannot be combined with other Roberts Wesleyan College academic scholarships.

Alumni Scholarship - $1000

Students who have at least one parent who is an alumnus of Roberts Wesleyan College are eligible for a $1000 annual scholarship.

Athletic, Art, and Music Scholarships

Awards are made each year to talented students who show promise in athletics, art and/or music. To be eligible, students must have satisfactory academic records and unusual proficiency in one or more of the above fields. Auditions, portfolio reviews, personal interviews, and recommendations of program coordinators are required of the applicants. These awards are renewable based on satisfactory achievement and good standing within the College. Recipients of these scholarships are responsible for participation in their area of interest as determined by the respective departments.

Canadian Dollar Exchange

Roberts Wesleyan College will accept Canadian checks from Canadian Students at par with the United States dollar for tuition, room and board, and fees up to a maximum exhange rate of 35%.  (See the Office of Student Accounts for more details and restrictions.)

Christian Ministries Dependent Grant

This grant is available to legally dependent children of parents employed in full-time Christian service. Annual grants range from $1000 to $2000.

Clergy Discount

A tuition discount of 50% will be granted to non-matriculating, ordained clergy in full-time service of any denomination. This will be permitted if classroom space is available and the registration is 6 semester hours or fewer for that semester. Requests for this discount should be written on official letterhead and addressed to the Office of Financial Aid at the beginning of the semester.

Dollars for Scholars

Roberts Wesleyan College is proud to be a part of this Collegiate Partners program. The College matches Dollars for Scholars chapter awards, raised by community volunteers, up to $1000 per recipient annually.

Free Methodist Scholarship

Students who are active members in a Free Methodist Church are eligible for a $2000 annual scholarship.

International Student Scholarship

Full-time international students (except Canadian) who have financial need and who show achievement in academic or extracurricular activities may qualify for up to $2000 per year.

Out-of-State Grant

This grant is limited to United States citizens or permanent residents whose legal address is outside of New York State. This grant is based on unmet need after all grants, scholarships, and a self-help index have been deducted.

Partnership Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to each student whose local church contributes toward the student’s college expenses. Roberts Wesleyan College will match 50% to 100% of scholarship assistance provided by an enrolling student’s home church, up to a level of $1000 per year. The Office of Financial Aid will determine the level of match upon review of documented financial need and other resources. The College will apply the church’s contribution in the fall semester and its portion of the scholarship to the spring semester. Students who leave school after the fall semester will not receive the College’s matching award. An application for this scholarship is required and may be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid.

Roberts Wesleyan College Conductor String Scholarship

The Music Department hosts a string competition every year to determine who the recipient of this scholarship will be. Students should contact the Music Department for details. This scholarship will be awarded instead of a music scholarship.

Roberts Wesleyan College Grant

This grant is awarded to students who have exceptional financial need. This award is NOT automatically renewed each year.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens 60 years of age or older may receive a 25% discount on less than full-time tuition (credit or non-credit courses). Registration is on a space-available basis. To receive this discount seniors must supply a copy of their registration form to the Office of Financial Aid, prior to the beginning of the semester.

Sibling Grant

Roberts Wesleyan College will award a $1000 annual scholarship to siblings of current students. If two siblings enroll at the College in the same year, the $1000 award will be split between them.

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