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Academic Grievance Policy

The Faculty of Roberts Wesleyan College determines and enforces the academic standards of the College. When possible, disagreements between a student and a faculty member should be resolved informally; when necessary, a faculty member shall follow the relevant policies and procedures to resolve the issue. If review by all relevant parties and committees has not resulted in an acceptable resolution, a student may file a formal academic grievance.

Academic grievances may originate with such student complaints as: perceived violation, misinterpretation, or inequitable application of course or program requirements; unfair or inequitable treatment by a faculty member; unjustified accusations concerning academic integrity; unfair or inequitable application of grading policies; and the like.  (Roberts Wesleyan College abides by a six-month statute of limitations for filing an academic grievance which must be resolved within a reasonable period of time.)

A student who has an academic grievance against a faculty member should first speak directly to that person. If the matter cannot be resolved, the student should contact the faculty member’s Department Head, Division Chair, or Program Director. If the matter remains unresolved, the student shall submit a formal, written grievance to the Department Head, Division Chair, or Program Director who shall meet with the individuals involved and make a ruling on the complaint.  The student shall receive a written copy of the ruling within ten business days of receipt of the grievance.

If the student decides to appeal the ruling, the Department Head, Chair, or Director shall convene an Ad Hoc Committee, who will review all relevant materials and meet with the individuals involved. The Ad Hoc Committee shall then deliberate and make a ruling.  The student shall receive a written copy of the ruling within ten business days of receipt of the appeal.

Any further appeal shall be filed with the Chief Academic Officer.

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