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Student Services


The College provides an orientation for all new students and their parents prior to the opening of the fall semester. The program, involving administration, faculty, and student leaders, is designed to acquaint both students and parents with the traditions, expectations, and resources of the Roberts Wesleyan College community.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services is committed to providing a wide variey of services to meet the needs of Roberts Wesleyan College students.  The goal of the Office of Career Services is to prepare students for entering the world of work or for continuing their education upon graduation.  The staff is available to assist students in understanding how their interest, abilities, experiences, and values influence their career decisions.  Services include individual career advisement, online career assessments, workshops, class seminars, and events for graduate school, job, and internship placement.

Chapel/Spiritual Life Program

One of three emphases of the Roberts Wesleyan College mission is Spiritual Formation in the lives of individuals and the campus community.  Worship Chapels, held on Mondays and Wednesdays, offer students the opportunity to worship together--to pray, praise God, and hear the Christian scriptures.  The goal is to help students form a Christian worldview to guide them throughout their lives.  Faith Integration Fridays represent a different kind of spiritual formation opportunity that is more participatory.  Through panel discussions, movies, service projects, and other events, we learn to integrate our faith and living.

Because of the importance of faith in our lives, we require students to attend 22 chapels each semester with at least one Worship Chapel or Faith Integration Event each week.

In addition to chapel, RWC has multiple opportunities for spiritual growth through small groups and campus ministries such as worship team, drama ministry, intercity ministry, and the like.  These are facilitated by the students, the Chaplain's office, and faculty and staff.  RWC also makes available a number of mission trip experiences each year where faith can be put into action as we gain a global understanding of God's love for all people.  We also encourage individuals to connect with a local church since we believe RWC cooperates with the church in the Christian formation of those who desire to follow Christ as Lord.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Various support services are available to assist students with disabilities. The Learning Center coordinates these services which include facility access, learning assistance, academic modifications, support, and career guidance.

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