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International Programs/Short-term Study Abroad

Roberts Wesleyan College offers additional short-term study abroad opportunities in the form of On-Location Courses.  These courses generally meet several times during the semester in preparation for an on-location experience structured to enrich the classroom learning.  The travel portion of these courses ranges from one to four weeks and is billed to students as a "course fee."  Offerings include:

A. Art in Europe as ART 490

B. Cross-Cultural Communication in Japan as GED 200

Osaka Christian College, a two-year college in Osaka, Japan, and Roberts Wesleyan College have an established relationship for short-term (less than one month) exchange study. Osaka Christian College and Roberts Wesleyan College were the initial educational institutions founded by the Free Methodist Church in their respective countries, both to prepare students for service. Students interested in this experience work individually with a faculty advisor at Roberts Wesleyan. Course credit is earned by completion of assignments related to the transcultural educational experience.

C. History in Europe as HST 320

D. Nursing in Haiti as NSG 370

E. Social Work in Jamaica as SWK 490

F. Social Work in China as SWK 490